Activities & Fun

Sharing and Socializing


On of the most fun activity on your trip will be to share the experience with your friends as well as the others on the trip.  Whether it is sharing old stories from the past, enjoying the beauty of the atolls, sharing a few flawless waves, or discussing the waves and/or wipeouts you had earlier over a beer, the boat environment tends to bring people together.  Sharing and socializing is a big part of this trip, and we know you will enjoy that experience as much as we do.

Windsurfing / Kiteboarding

The trade winds blow between 15 and 25 knots consistently from November to July.  Most of the Windsurfing and kiting spots we have identified and sailed offer cross to cross-off shore wind with perfect right-handed point waves.

There are a variety of waves, ranging from soft waves rarely going overhead to heavier waves that can be well over mast.  All those breaks feature long waves with beautiful scenery and crystal clear water for you and your friends to enjoy alone.

Some of the waves have been featured in the Windsurfing Movie II .

You can bring your own equipment on the boat or simply rent the latest and greatest Quatro/Goya gear right on the boat waiting for you. 


The surfing in the Marshall Islands is predominantly right-handed point reef breaks, and is World class.  There are a variety of waves, all long breaking on perfect crystal clear water waiting for you and your friends only.  Waves range from mellow breaks rarely reaching overhead sizes to much bigger hollow barrels.  The wind consistently blows 10 knots or more but the surf remains clean and World class.  If you want consistent Mentawaii like oily conditions, then the Marshall Islands are not for you.  But if you can handle a bit of wind, you’ll be rewarded with amazing conditions to surf in between your windsurfing/kiting sessions.

Diving / Snorkling


You can experience fishing at it finest. The ocean is full of all sort of big game fish and catching your dinner is part of the fun.

Shell hunting

Spending time just cruising the beach looking for shells is recommended. Let go and go on a shell hunt!!!