The Indies Trader & The Windward

The Windward

Travelling to remote exotic locations but must be left to the pros.  This is why we have teamed up with Martin Daly and his crew to make your trip comfortable and safe.  Below are the boats available for our trips.  They are not just boats, they are ‘water sports” mobile stations filled with “toys”…
Our newest addition

The Windward is the newest addition to the Indies Trader Fleet. Originally a trawler then a pearling mother ship, the Windward went through renovation and transformed into an all out remote location water sports support vessel. Because of it’s size, the Windward is perfect for large groups look for full days of surfing and comfortable conditions on deck. The large covered back deck serves a great toy shed and can easily handle an amazing amount of gear.

A Capable Vessel

She s a versatile and comfortable vessel in great condition.

The Windward has 2 dinghies and a Jet ski with rescue sled. A Hiab sea crane to get the toys on and off the boat easily and quickly.  Accommodation for a whole football team then some, a walk in cool room, icy air conditioning and heaps of deck space undercover and outside to rig up your gear and spread out. We’ve got a western Chef and an experienced surfing/diver skipper.

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MV Indies Trader

“The MV Indies Trader is the most capable, proven, surf exploration and charter boat on the planet”

Martin Daly


The MV Indies Trader offers the most authentic surfing experience. During the course of the 1980′s and into the mid 1990′s Martin and the MV Indies Trader were responsible for discovering the vast majority of surf breaks along the Sumatran coastline including many waves in the Mentawai Islands.  More recently, between 1998 and 2005 it was featured in the “Quiksilver Crossing” discovering over one hundred more waves on its 160,000 nm journey around the world over a period of nearly 7 years.  She is safe, really seaworthy and comfortable.

What type of boat is the Indies Trader?

The Indies Trader is a 75-foot converted diving and survey vessel constructed of steel with an aluminum wheelhouse. It weighs 95 tons and has a cruising speed of eight knots. It was originally built in Brisbane, Australia, in 1972 and was rebuilt in Singapore in 1992. In 1999 it was specifically customized for the Quiksilver crossing and has had her most recent refit in early 2010.She is maintained in excellent condition

The full complement is 13 people. The crew consists of the captain and the chef and four crew members. There are also eight berths in four air conditioned cabins on the main deck.

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Indies Trader