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quad ls

Size Available: 75 | 85 | 95

Levi Siver's signature Quad wave board. Judged as todayís best wave board by both Windsurfing USA magazine and Boardseeker UK online magazine. The Quad LS represents Levi Siverís dream of an ideal wave board for all conditions. Levi wanted a board that would plane very quickly and turn super tight with immense amounts of speed, control and grip.

Considering the broad range of conditions he sails, Levi also wanted a board with excellent upwind capabilities. The Quad LS is the result of Leviís incredible drive and passion for performance and innovation in windsurfing.

This line of boards is designed for any type of wave conditions you may encounter around the globe. The Quad concept allows you to ride about five more liters than you normally would and this really opens up the low end range of the board, making it feel more loose and stable than a traditional lower volume board.

quad kt

Size Available: 69 | 76 | 83

Keith Teboul's signature Quad wave board. Hard core wave sailing has transformed, and the designs of Keith Teboul are a leading revolution. The Quad KT represents Keithís personal preferences about what a true hardcore wave board should be. What has been a rarity is now the new standard.

The all new Quad KT board designs move through the water like modern high performance surf boards with fast, full rail and tight radius turns. This positive rail set allows you to finish your turns completely and with speed in the most critical sections, resulting in fluid and fast lines through areas of the wave rarely visited before.

The speed and confidence you feel riding the Quad KT will have you driving through turns on the way to hitting sections you wouldnít have considered before. This is modern performance wave sailing at its leading edge.


Size Available: 75 | 85 | 95 | 105

The all new Freestylewave line is the perfect choice for sailors looking for top performance in freestyle, wave and freeride conditions.

A strong evolution from previous years models, the 2010 freestyle wave line is entirely new with the latest concepts making the boards faster and more fun to ride. A perfect blend of early planing, speed and maneuverability, these new boards can be adapted to a wide variety of conditions.

They offer a smooth and comfortable ride that can feel like autopilot for cruising, but still respond to rider input with lightning speed. 


Size Available: 110 | 125 | 150

The Freeride model offers the ultimate freeride experience. Early planing and unlimited yet comfortable top end speed. Early planing is achieved through a lightning fast rocker and smooth volume flow through the board.

The unlimited top end speed is the result of a tested and proven footstrap, mast track and fin geometry that allows the rider to settle in, relax and comfortably pilot the board to the edges of the speed envelope. The board is so balanced it feels like it trims itself. The Freeride is pure fun whether you are just cruising or racing your friends.



Control-Wave, Size Available 2.7 | 3.0 | 3.3 | 3.7 | 4.0 | 4.2 | 4.5 | 4.7 | 5.0 | 5.3 | 5.6

Jason Diffin: ìThe 2011 GURU is the ultimate wave and high wind performance sail. Major advancements in materials and component technology create a new GURU model that has better low end, is lighter, and is more tunable than ever. The sail is easy incredibly easy to handle and depower even in the most radical conditions, and the GURU still offers the trademark flexible and comfortable feeling it has become famous for.

The Guru uses the new Goya unique Scrim, a super light alternative to regular materials, in extensive areas of the sails surface. Areas prone to more wear are featured in X-Ply. The perimeter of the sail is reinforced with Kevlar yarns.

A full X-Ply body panel construction and the Everclear Flex Window are the recipe for a perfect hardcore wave sail.

Modified size and position of window makes the new GURU lighter and improves visibility even further.


Wave, Size Available: 3.4 | 3.7 | 4.0 | 4.2 | 4.5 | 4.7 | 5.0 | 5.3 | 5.7 | 6.2 | 6.8

Jason Diffin: The 2011 ECLIPSE PRO provides the ultimate in worldwide power wave performance. Inspired by the progressive and technical riding of Levi Siver, the sail is designed to deliver quick and stable power and easy handling in a huge variety of wave and freestyle conditions. Major advancements in materials and components truly make the 2011 ECLIPSE a wave sail without limits.î

The Eclipse uses the new Goya unique Scrim, a super light alternative to regular materials, in extensive areas of the sails surface. Areas prone to more wear are featured in X-Ply. The perimeter of the sail is reinforced with Kevlar yarns.

Eclipse Mono
For further reduced weight and an even more direct feeling, we also produce a Monofilm version of the Eclipse, called the Eclipse Mono, replacing the main X-Ply window panel with 7 MIL Monofilm. It is available in the same sizes and colors as the Eclipse. The clear window creates perfect visibility and a slightly crisper feel for those eager to squeeze the ultimate performance out of their gear.


Universal, Recreational, Size Available: 3.7 | 4.0 | 4.2 | 4.5 | 4.7 | 5.0 | 5.3 | 5.7 | 6.2 | 6.8

Jason Diffin: ìThe 2011 FREESURF offers an entry in to high performance wave style sailing at an attractive price. Incorporating key features of the premium models, the FREESURF is powerful, light, and easy to handle in a wide variety of conditions. First jibe, first jump, or just blasting along, the FREESURF is pure and simple windsurfing fun.î

ECO Concept
Goya ECO sails make use of factory stocked Goya foils and cloth, hence not creating the need and impact of producing new materials. What that translates into is an economical advantage for you and an ecological advantage for nature.

Light X-Ply and Monofilm panel construction. X-Ply perimeter reinforcement.


Made in the USA 90% CARBON

Ultimate strength to stiffness ratio. The combination of ultra-tight tolerance 33 MSI Pre-Preg Carbon, glass and finest quality epoxy resin create a mast that is unbeatable in the industry for spot on consistent stiffness, bend curve, strength, and an incredibly alive feel in the sails. Goya masts are the perfect fit for any Goya sail, and will improve the performance of any other sail out there.

Goya Masts feature a no compromise optimized Carbon Content of 90% to achieve the perfect weight to durability ratio. Strength and stiffness are fine tuned to fit the Goya Sails range like a glove.

The base color is a glossy Anthracite Finish with a White, Violet, Neon Pink and Gold print on both the base and the top.


Pro 1 Alloy 135-197cm

Monocoque body, custom alloy, fully articulating head, absolute length markings, proven easy to use adjustment collars, positive snap-in skinny adapter, modern bend curve, etc. We put it all in our new 2010 top end aluminum booms, except the price increase. Pro 1 Alloy booms have exceptional torsional rigidity and fit both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. The addition of absolute length markings on a generous 62cm tail-piece aid with rigging your sail properly. The rounded curve of the 135 model makes hand transitions during jibes, tacks, and the most advanced freestyle moves feel natural. Range: 135-197cm, Grip Diameter: 29mm - 1 1/8", Weight: 5.6 lbs, Inside Width: 36.5cm


Tall Skinny Aluminum Extension EX

Custom alloy provides the best weight to strength available in aluminum. All come with a pin and collar adjustment system and the proven EX Power-Haul pulley and cleat system. 2 cm adjustment increments. Adds a maximum of 38cm to mast length.


One-Bolt "Twist-On" Tendon Mast Base EX

Tendon joint provides excellent performance and is easy to replace. This unique design is very low to the deck with four finger ribs for easy adjustment. Solid Investment Cast Stainless Steel EX Pin and Caps