Who is it for?

Who is this trip for and who should not go.

We truly believe virtually anyone will enjoy his experience in the Marshall Islands.  But there are a few that we believe will enjoy this trip to the fullest while there are a few that we would not recommend the trip to.

We’ve had professional surfers and windsurfers that have enjoyed the pristine second to none conditions for surfing and windsurfing in the Marshall Islands. 

We had amateurs that loved the playfulness and the quality of the waves.

We had couples that enjoyed spending time together, surfing mellow waves, diving, and picking shells on the beach.

The experience can be enjoyed at many different levels by a variety of people.  If you love water, love the Ocean, the Sun, the beach, share experiences with friends, and a pristine environment, then you will love this trip.

You will enjoy this trip to the fullest if:

- you are comfortable in the water, and are ok living on a boat for a couple of weeks
- you are an advanced Windsurfer that can sail in the waves and can keep upwind easily
- you are comfortable in the waves and are looking forward to surf if the wind is lighter
- you like to share the experience with your friends and the others on the boat
- you think diving, fishing and other non-windsurfing activities are fun too
- you love beautiful peaceful scenery – the islands are simply spectacular
- you are looking forward to totally disconnect from the World

We do not recommend this trip if:

- you do not like the Ocean, do not like the Sun, or the beach, then this trip is probably not for you. 
- you get very sea sick easily. During the trip you will live on a boat, and while we are most of the time in calm water with little rocking, there would be a few moments where the seas and the wind will rock the boat more than usual.
- you do not like to share activities with others. This trip is about sharing experiences, and spending time with friends and others with like interests. If this is not something you are interested in, we probably don’t want you on board!
- you cannot disconnect from your phone or Internet device – those don’t work on the boat