Who we are...

Marshall Waves

I first came to The Marshall Islands in 2009 for the making of the Windsurfing Movie II, and it was simply love at first sight.  But it was not just the great waves, the perfect surfing and windsurfing conditions.  It was the beauty of the place, the peace and the serenity it brought to me.  I knew right away I had to go back.

When I came upon the opportunity to team up with Martin Daly, one of the most experienced Captain and seaman in the World, to bring my new found playground to my friends and fellow watermen, I could not pass this unique opportunity.

"Marshall Waves was born."

Keith Teboul

Keith was born in Madagascar in 1970 and learned how to surf and windsurf at the age of 12 in Guadeloupe in the Antilles.  Keith attended school in San Diego were he was able to polish his skills as a waterman, and develop a taste for travels with frequent trips to Baja Mexico. He then moved to Maui in 1987, still fully committed to surfing and windsurfing making a few podiums along the way in World level wave contests. Keith started Quatro International in 1996 and became one of the most renowned shaper World wide for wave boards, shaping boards for most of the top athletes in the sport.  More recently, Keith has been focused on advancing shapes and construction technology to make wave sailing better and more accessible to all as well. On his time off, Keith is always in the pursuit of new waves around the World.

Martin Daly

Martin brings years of experience as a Captain and a seaman ensuring everyone’s safety.  Going to remote places is not for everyone.  But Martin has proven it time and time again he’s the best at finding those places and making them available to others safely and with comfort.